Inforbarras develops WINBACK

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When it comes to security, everyone agrees that prevention is much better than the cure. In the corporate environment, prevention is even more important, since from it depend the protection of all labour resources which ensure that a good service can still be provided. Everyone needs to adopt safety measures such as surveillance cameras, alarms and various insurances.

However, some companies are still not fully convinced that safety, not just physical, is essential for their business. We are talking about digital data protection, known as backups. With the automation of processes in virtually all areas of activity and business, the circulation of important information such as documents, contracts, images, invoicing data, all this in the existing management software. Technical setbacks, human error and natural disasters can happen with everyone and can destroy a company if it is not prepared take precautions against this type of events.

Inforbarras developed WINBACK, a backup system for multiple databases, images or files (auto increment), using multiple times to choose from (week, day, hour, minute), data encryption for confidential protection, and automatic execution service when defining the various security profiles. It is an important application for the Inforbarras software applications (Penhorwin, Revwin, Gouwin, Gouwin 2ªMão and Gpvwin) that are complemented by adding a secure job with WINBACK.

5 de February, 2018
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