E-learning mode is a reality at CINDOR

CINDOR’s (Professional Training Centre for the Jewellery and Watchmaking Industry) training offer is now more accessible for everyone. In this exceptional period, there is a solution which is here to stay.

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Assay Offices to resume activity in May

The INCM (Portuguese Mint and Official Printing Office) presented the plan to reopen the assay offices. The resuming of activity will begin on the 4thof May in a partial and step-by step way.

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Covid-19: The Portuguese Jewellery sector in standstill

The Portuguese Jewellery sector had just entered a trajectory of growth and international expansion, but the current situation of Covid-19 represents an obstacle to the aspirations of companies. The AORP (Portuguese Jewellery and Watchmaking Association) portrays a sector that was practically blocked due to the closure of assay offices and commercial establishments.

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Bruno da Rocha’s permanent exhibition in Madrid

The Spanish Ministry of Culture and Sport accepted ‘The Waking Spider’ piece by Bruno da Rocha, to be part of the permanent exhibition in the National Museum of Decorative Arts in Madrid. On his Facebook page, the jeweller states that it’s “a dream come true”.

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Who was José Manuel Rosas?

Member of a traditional family of goldsmiths from northern Portugal and a proud patriot, José Manuel Rosas founded his own company, Rosior, in 1978.

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