Elements has a change of identity and opens in Norteshopping

Imagem da notícia: Elements has a change of identity and opens in Norteshopping

The Marco and Nuno Santos duo launch their new space in the Norteshopping luxury brand wing. This occasion coincides with the rebranding of their contemporary jewellery line, which is now called Elements 75’80.

When the Elements project started in 2008, brothers Marco and Nuno Santos were facing an economic crisis whose repercussions were still unknown. The situation now repeats itself, as the brothers make the bold move of launching their new space in the Galleria, the luxury wing of Norteshopping.

With three sales outlets – Rua das Flores (Porto), Amoreiras (Lisbon) and now Norteshopping (Matosinhos), the newly renovated Elements 75’80 has gained a new storefront for its collection of national and international designers and brands, based on a careful curation of projects that represent the contemporary school of high-end jewellery. From the renowned Brazilian creator Antonio Bernardo to the German Niessing, and with national projects like Liliana Guerreiro, the space is a true spectacle of creative sophistication.

19 de November, 2020
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