Together We Stand: new international promotion campaign for the sector

Imagem da notícia: Together We Stand: new international promotion campaign for the sector

The new campaign promoted by AORP – Together We Stand – portrays a united sector committed to establishing the position of Portuguese jewellery in the world.

“The message we want to get across is that we are all connected to the problem and that’s why we also have to be connected to the solution. Associations, the Government, companies, the consumer, all play a decisive role in this recovery. As an association representing the sector, we have been creating platforms for sharing and collective promotion, such as the future portal, in order to identify new opportunities and strengthen the entire ecosystem, so that it can become stronger and immune to market fluctuations that, as we have seen, are inevitable and sometimes unexpected ”, adds the president of the association.

The most recent campaign presents seven stories of businessmen in the sector, who portray the new dynamics of Portuguese jewellery, in their commitment to innovation, design, and internationalization. Each company represents the different aspects of the sector’s diversity, creating a synergy that is key to their success: Anselmo 1910, Eugénio Campos, JCF – Joalheiros, TMB, José Martins Barbosa, Juliana Bezerra and Maria João Bahia.

This is the most visible aspect of the sector’s internationalization strategy, led by AORP, with the support of COMPETE 2020 and a planned an investment of 3 million euros between 2020 and 2021 in international promotion initiatives.

19 de October, 2020
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