Seven Portuguese brands bring the essence of the nation’s jewellery to Macau

Imagem da notícia: Seven Portuguese brands bring the essence of the nation’s jewellery to Macau

Macau is the starting point for a set of international promotional events taking place in strategic markets as part of the new campaign ‘Portuguese Jewellery À La Carte’. The initiative has the institutional support of the Portuguese Consulate and features the special participation of the Gondomar Filigree Route, who will be giving a live demonstration.

“Macau was a place we had been wanting to come to for a while. Not only because of the historical and cultural bonds that unite us, but also because of its successful participation in the jewellery fair in Hong Kong, one of the largest in the world. China is one of our target markets”, said Fátima Santos, General Secretary of the AORP.

The ‘Portuguese Jewellery Goes to Macau’ initiative showcases seven brands that represent the essence of Portuguese jewellery, in a fusion between the traditions of art, technology and the sophistication of contemporary design.

On display will be the work of Dos Santos, a luxury jewellery brand created by brothers Marco and Nuno Santos; Liliana Guerreiro, one of the most prominent contemporary jewellery designers; Inês Barbosa, one of the oldest filigree workshops in the country; J. Soares, a full-service jewellery brand and three brands brought together under the Gondomar Filigree Route: ARPA, J. Monteiro de Sousa and the century-old brand Topázio.

16 de July, 2018
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