Conversation with Miguel Cunha from Ourivesaria Portugal

Imagem da notícia: Conversation with Miguel Cunha from Ourivesaria Portugal

JoiaPro conducted an interview with Miguel Cunha, grandson of the founder of Ourivesaria Portugal and the head of the company along with Brother Nuno and his son José Miguel since 1988. He reveals that the enormous family legacy arose from chance and that if willpower and dedication were more important than inexperience, today it guarantees that, whether in crisis or out of crisis, good brands and products always come out on top. Quality is the path

Learn the first question and answer of this conversation, briefly available as the cover interview in the next issue of our magazine.

JoiaPro: Ourivesaria Portugal was created by his grandfather in 1942. What is the characteristic of this company, which is already 76 years old?

Miguel Cunha: It is a family business that is already fourth generation, with me and my brother Nuno in charge, along with my son José Miguel. We try to maintain a familial aspect, which is the characteristic of this company. Today it is an asset, but it has to be a sign of modernity, quality and management. The family aspect is very beautiful, but that alone is not enough. Our jewelry is good and recommended, very much based on the prestigious brand that is Rolex, in addition to a very good team of employees.

17 de May, 2018
Joalharia e ourivesaria

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Joalharia e ourivesaria