Ana Bragança Jewellery Design at MAAT

Imagem da notícia: Ana Bragança Jewellery Design at MAAT

Ana Bragança’s participation highlights the months of August and September with the presence of different designers every two months on a rotating basis over the course of a year.

The national artist designs and builds products of “unique contemporary design”. In her collections, there is “a constant search to highlight the clarity and elegance of geometric shapes, stripping away everything that is excessive”, describes AORP, MAAT’s partner with the Reshape programme.

Ana Bragança is a Portuguese jewellery designer “whose work is based on the production of pieces where creativity, design and authenticity intersect with craftsmanship, quality and elegance”, describes the designer on her online platform.

There are a total of six Portuguese jewellery brands present in MAAT as part of RESHAPE: Ana Bragança Jewellery, Clélia Jewellery, Leão Creative, Lia Gonçalves, Mariana Machado Jewellery and Wonther.

16 de August, 2021
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