Who was José Manuel Rosas?

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Member of a traditional family of goldsmiths from northern Portugal and a proud patriot, José Manuel Rosas founded his own company, Rosior, in 1978.

After decades of work in manufacturing with the highest quality controls for his own brand but also for famous maisons like Cartier and Tiffany & Co., José Manuel, a former architecture student, finally embarks in his forever dream of creating colorful unique and genuine high-jewelry art pieces.

Recognised as an acclaimed award-winning jewellery artist both in Portugal and abroad, the highest recognition though came from the exclusive clients that he proudly served with unique and colourful masterpieces set with valuable gemstones, where manufacturing detail and aesthetic authenticity were of paramout importance.

Being a Portuguese has always been a key aspect of his professional and private life, often expressing his pride in being author of masterpieces made in his country, at a such high level only comparable to the best haute joaillerie actors in the international jewellery scene, a universe that he frequented for decades at the international gem and jewellery trade shows and exhibitions all across the globe.

A composer of colourful gemstone set masterpieces and a maestro in conducting his traditional workshop in Oporto, north of Portugal, José Manuel Rosas made us all heirs of his jeweled symphonies that will endure for eternity.

José Manuel Rosas died last January. The world lost a great creator and master jeweller.

28 February 2020
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