“Eloquência do papel, joias” on display in Porto

Imagem da notícia: “Eloquência do papel, joias” on display in Porto

From February 15th to March 10th, the AUTORIA gallery will exhibit a set of jewels, which are part of the traveling exhibition “Eloquência do papel, joias”, curated by Argentine-Dutch jeweler, Luis Acosta. This itinerant exhibition opened in Neuchâtel (Switzerland), passed through Madrid and Barcelona (Spain), Enschede (Netherlands) and is now in Porto (Portugal).

The AUTORIA space is a gallery/workshop, shared by two jewelers from Porto, Inês Sobreira and Susana Barbosa. Both share a taste for creating and producing jewelry. In this space you can purchase pieces by the authors and also witness the operation of a contemporary jewellery workshop/atelier.

Periodically, they organize individual or collective exhibitions of work by other authors, Portuguese and foreign, with the aim of diversifying and to make known the panorama of contemporary jewellery.

27 January 2020
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BaselWorld 2020

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