Marques & Gomes “always in fashion”

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As has been for over 20 years, Marques & Gomes has prepared for “our Portojóia” a wide range of novelties, always within national and international fashion and suitable to the different markets where it is located.

“This year, we launched our Hav.vaH, Stories and M&G collections in silver and silver with 18k gold-plated natural stones or rodium and supported these releases with a range of very affordable watches and other accessories, all with excellent acceptance. “

Carlos Baptista, the head of the company, added that “after a somewhat indefinite beginning of the year, both nationally and internationally, our clients’ adhesion increased from the second quarter and the fair was a faithful mirror of the good moment we are living. We had the expected and scheduled visits and, in addition, a number of new customers will soon disclose our brands in their goldsmiths. ”

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9 December 2019
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