INCM: new list of 10 denominations comes into force

Imagem da notícia: INCM: new list of 10 denominations comes into force

INCM -Impresa Nacional Casa da Moeda – has just announced the change of the current list of 99 denominations to a new list of 10 denominations.

This is a measure that has long been advocated and claimed in working with INCM by AORP, along with its associative counterparts, and will simplify and speed up the legalization processes of parts.

Thus, on 2 December the new list of 10 names for the purpose of the homogeneous batch concept takes effect, pursuant to RJOC Article 3 / w):

. Twists, Necklaces, Threads, Chokers, Chains, Cords, Tracerins, Thirds, Rosaries, Dozens Bracelets, Slave, Leggings, Watchbands

. Rings, wedding rings, signet rings

. Earrings, Hoops, Piercings, Turnings

. Medals, trinkets, centers, crosses, pins

. Clasps, spring rings, brackets, carabiners reed and box

. Bars

. Watches

. Rehearsal Discs

. Others

The new list of denominations will be posted on the INCM website and posted in the Contrast lobby.

AORP is now available for any clarification regarding this matter through email

9 December 2019
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