Ana Moura, famous Fado singer: “I grew up admiring and wearing jewelry”

Imagem da notícia: Ana Moura, famous Fado singer: “I grew up admiring and wearing jewelry”

Fado singer Ana Moura, in an interview with JoiaPro, explained how the first line of Portugal Jewels pieces designed by her was born. A project that defines as “truly passionate”.

JoiaPro: Portugal Jewels has always assumed that its main objective is to promote and value Portuguese jewelery. How was the partnership born?

Ana Moura: It was the best partnership I could have. We always get along very well and they gave me the freedom to invent, also if I don’t know the technique well. I started to draw some ideas that I had, some of them impossible to realize, but they gave me the freedom to always do what I wanted.

JP: How did the whole process go?

AM: One day they called me saying they wanted me to be the face of the collection. I said I’d only accept it if it was designed by me, because I have such a taste for jewelry since I was a girl. Both my mother and grandmother always loved jewelry and I found it super romantic that my grandmother never left home without her earrings and rings. I grew to admire them and always wore jewelry. At one point my mother was doing something that I find very beautiful: she went to the jewelry store and transformed the jewelry she bought. I loved this process, we attributed the symbologies to the jewels and it struck me.

Full interview at JoiaPro 82.

20 November 2019