Marta Maçarico, jewelery that enhances heritage

Imagem da notícia: Marta Maçarico, jewelery that enhances heritage

Marta Maçarico gives her name to the company that unites two forms of training – Goldsmithery, and Conservation and Restoration. In the first, Marta found all the artistic freedom allied to the process of creating a piece from the raw material to the final result. In the second, she learnt to value heritage and ancient traditions, allowing durability of the material.

The brand is dedicated to creating pieces that tell stories and preserve the most important thing we have in our culture – our heritage. The collections are essentially feminine, and everything she creates has a symbolic character.

At 19, Marta represented Portugal at the IV Biennale of Young Creators of the CPLP, in Salvador da Baía (Brazil) – Exhibition of a piece of jewellery selected in the Young Creators Competition. Already in 2019, at the age of 27, she was one of the 10 young finalists in the second edition of the New Talent competition, elected by NiT and Santa casa da Misericórdia.

5 de March, 2021
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