EYCH is the theme of the next APIO Contest

It was last year that the European Commission decided to designate 2018 as the European Year of Cultural Heritage (EYCH). Management at the Portuguese Jewellery Industry Association (APIO) wanted to join the initiative and decided that the theme of the 10th Jewellery Contest should precisely reflect that.

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AORP presents the industry’s barometer

The main purpose of the barometer is to present, every six months, relevant information about the business sentiment of players in the sector of jewellery, gold and watch products (J&O&R).

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Have you visited the exhibition “Diamonds with Stories”?

Since the inauguration of the exhibition “Diamonds with Stories”, last February 6th , which will remain open until March 31st at Jewellers Tavares’ Espaço d’Ouro Gallery, many visitors have been surprised and excited by this show.

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