“We have inherited the art of good service from Mr. Vaz and Mrs. Cecília”

Imagem da notícia: “We have inherited the art of good service from Mr. Vaz and Mrs. Cecília”

Ana and Augusto Carvalhinho are the current managing partners of Vaz Joalheiros, a jewellery and optics shop with 104 years of existence. In an interview to JoiaPro, they talked about the business they manage, the family heritage and their hopes for the future. Ana and Augusto reveal that “jewellery and watches are arts that are at the core of our business’ history”.

What is your philosophy?  

Local commerce allows us to create an emotional and effective bond with our customers, resulting in greater levels of trust and better service. The dynamics and objectives of the company are made clear and well explained so that the company’s commitment to its customers is honoured. Vaz Joalheiros aims to differentiate itself from other competing companies in the industry. The desire to improve service and product quality is fundamental so that we can be the agent of transformation of our clients’ daily lives, contributing in a very significant way to their quality of life, namely through optics and visual care. 

What are your hopes for the future?

The future will be more and more digitalised. As our focus is in-person contact with customers in the shop, it is essential that digital channels allow contact to be established in-store; after all, we inherited “the art of good service” from Mr. Vaz and Mrs. Cecília. We want the business to be as sustainable and financially viable as possible, we have been working on both these factors. 

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6 de April, 2023